Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Goin' to Kansas City - Part 3

(For part 1, click here)

September 21 - 23nd, 2007 found us back in KC for a wedding. Still looking for some of the new KCS "Heritage" units, on the 21st I took a "shortcut" through Knoche Yard on the way to the airport. While headed past the east end, I found several flatcars of windmill parts. Unfortunately, there was no good place to get any pictures.

On the West end, by the service area, I managed to find a TFM SD40-2 sunning itself.

Finally, on this day, there were about 8 of the new KCS "Heritage" units floating throughout the yard. I was glad I stopped and took pictures, because on subsequent trips over the next couple days, I never saw another.

Trying to kill some time on the 22nd, I headed out one last time. Knoche Yard was cleared of all the Heritage units from the previous day, however I did find a pair Gateway Western locos awaiting their next assignment.

Heading down to Santa Fe Jct, I expected to find a lot of trains moving on a Saturday morning. After all the activity I'd seen on earlier trips, there was noticeably less traffic on this day.

One interesting find was a train containing several airplane fuselages on the head end. I assume they were on their way to the Seattle area for final assembly.

They rode a setup of flatcars and spacers. There were also a couple of container type boxes that I assume included other sub-assemblies.

My final surprise of the morning was an ex-GBW boxcar, now making the rounds for "AERC" - Albany and Eastern Railroad in Oregon.

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