Thursday, November 22, 2007

Playin' Tag with 1003

Since the OWL group was not participating in Trainfest this year, Galen and I decided to spend the morning getting some shots of the SOO 1003 steam locomotive. The excursion de jour originated in Ripon, traversing the WSOR to its present home in Hartford. Our point of engagement was just north of Waupun.
After the relatively short consist passed, we headed into Waupun for a small attempt at artistic composition with a water reflection in the foreground. Unfortunately, a slight breeze foiled this endeavor.From here, we played tag with the extra all the way to Horicon. The performance handling characteristics of Galen's MR2 were demonstrated in several instances during hard corners that were commonplace on adjacent town roads. Thankfully, our subject matter was traversing at a fairly leisurely pace, making photo opportunities regularly available.

Galen wanted to try for a shot at Horicon. This proved to be rather difficult as the depot and nearby artifacts were obscured by cars and people. Galen setup for a less oblique angle than myself, but nonetheless it proved too challenging to get that "perfect" shot.

Rather than continuing to play tag with what would now be a significantly larger horde of chasers, we went ahead to selectively find a site for one last catch. For some reason, I had thought that wig-wags were still in place at Rubicon. This was not the case. We settled on the west side of Rubicon instead, as the elevated curve proved to be accommodating. It was quite obvious without the presence of the locomotive's smoke of its imminent arrival. Our location quickly became filled with others and we found ourselves standing shoulder-to-shoulder with nearly a dozen others aiming to get a similar composition.

With Hartford only being a few miles away (and the final destination for this excursion), we chose to terminate our pursuit and top off the first part of the day's activities with some caloric intake at the local blue roof.

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