Monday, April 28, 2014

Cleaning out the cobwebs...

It's been YEARS since anyone's posted here!  It's amazing what Life will do to our best-laid plans.  Kids, job changes, moves, etc., etc., etc., have all conspired to keep us all busier than we'd ever dreamed possible all those years ago when we started this.  Obviously, we are not unique in this regard, but probably typical of most model railroaders.

OWL hasn't been idle in all this time, however.  We've continued to do 2-4 train shows per year, including the Arctic Run show in Stevens Point (; Mad City Model Railroad Show and Sale in Madison (; and the Titletown Train Show in Green Bay (  And we've recently received confirmation that we will once again be part of Milwaukee's Trainfest ( in 2014.  Traintime at our alma mater is currently on hiatus, as the college has put up a number of impediments to SOME's hosting its annual show.  Time will tell on that one...

Another project we've recently completed is our new "heritage" herald.  The herald we've been using since our inception is very obviously a modern version, corresponding to many railroads' image modernization efforts during the 1960's.  As more early postwar models become available, and more of our group has become interested in developing our "history", we started throwing around ideas for "what came before?".  I'll write up a posting in the next few weeks about the development of the various ideas that turned into what we finally came up with.  Hopefully we'll do a run of freight cars with the heritage herald soon; in the meantime, check out for our current offerings.

That's all for now!


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