Friday, December 05, 2008

Fall in the South

The weekend of October 18 & 19, 2008 afforded me the chance to get back to the Atlanta area for a meeting. I took advantage of the weekend over to meet up with one of our OWL members and do some railfanning. We spent Friday in the Atlanta area. Unfortunately, it was nearly constant rain .

Here is an NS autorack train getting ready to depart Inman Yard. Of interest is that I found the lead locomotive, #2615, sitting in LaCrosse, WI on the 10th of October.

An empty BNSF coal train works through Inman on its way back west.

A westbound mixed freight heads through Inman on the main.

On Saturday, we headed up to Clinchfield country trying to take advantage of the fall colors.

At about sunrise, a Northbound showed up at Thermal,NC.

It then proceeded to meet a loaded southbound coal train as the sun came out.

At Marion, NC we caught up with a southbound grain train

At Toe River siding, just south of Spruce Pine, NC we found another southbound loaded coal train.

A short northbound mixed freight at Spruce Pine, NC.

After an unproductive trip to Green River, NC trying to figure out what the Northbound Mixed freight was running slow for, we found the loaded southbound coal train that gave us the slip. Futher research determined that there is a hard-t0-reach passing siding called Kona that is between Spruce Pine and Green River.

We caught this Northbound at Camp 2 after it waited for 2 loaded coal trains at Rocky.

Trying to get in front of at least 1 of the southbound coal trains that we missed at Camp 2, we went to the south end of Sevier just in time for a Northbound mixed freight to show up and take the siding for the first of the 2 loaded coal trains.

A nicely timed rolling meet at Sevier, NC

After the meet, the Southbound coal loads head out of the south end of Sevier.

Towards the end of the day, the sun came back out and we managed to catch a southbound at Marion, NC.

Just to the right is the NS overpass. Of course, just after this train went through an NS train showed up and took us by surprise so we didn't get any good pictures.

Sunday, we stayed in the Atlanta area, although we had more sun than on Friday. Here is a stack train making it's way through Inman.

At Jefferson Street, we find a mixed freight

A loaded BNSF coal train gets ready to depart Inman

A meet at Jeffereson street

What to our wondering eyes should appear but a new KCS SD70ACe on the point of an empty coal train.

A CSX mixed freight wanders past Jefferson Street with an SD40 on the point.

Although the colors weren't as nice as some of the past years (probably due to lack of rain), it was still good to get out and see things I don't normally get to in Wisconsin.

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