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Goin' to Kansas City - Part 3

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September 21 - 23nd, 2007 found us back in KC for a wedding. Still looking for some of the new KCS "Heritage" units, on the 21st I took a "shortcut" through Knoche Yard on the way to the airport. While headed past the east end, I found several flatcars of windmill parts. Unfortunately, there was no good place to get any pictures.

On the West end, by the service area, I managed to find a TFM SD40-2 sunning itself.

Finally, on this day, there were about 8 of the new KCS "Heritage" units floating throughout the yard. I was glad I stopped and took pictures, because on subsequent trips over the next couple days, I never saw another.

Trying to kill some time on the 22nd, I headed out one last time. Knoche Yard was cleared of all the Heritage units from the previous day, however I did find a pair Gateway Western locos awaiting their next assignment.

Heading down to Santa Fe Jct, I expected to find a lot of trains moving on a Saturday morning. After all the activity I'd seen on earlier trips, there was noticeably less traffic on this day.

One interesting find was a train containing several airplane fuselages on the head end. I assume they were on their way to the Seattle area for final assembly.

They rode a setup of flatcars and spacers. There were also a couple of container type boxes that I assume included other sub-assemblies.

My final surprise of the morning was an ex-GBW boxcar, now making the rounds for "AERC" - Albany and Eastern Railroad in Oregon.

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Goin' to Kansas City - Part 2

(For part 1, click here)

Part 2 finds us a couple of days later, August 6th, 2007 to be exact. Again, the search was for some of the new KCS units. Again, I came up empty but did find a few interesting things along the way.

I found this KCS (transfer?) waiting to get in the west end of Knoche Yard. Front Street follows the railroad most of the way from Knoche Yard to downtown KC.

As I got in the area of Old Union Station, I caught a UP train led by a pair of Ferromex Dash 9's.

Continuing south to Santa Fe Jct (which was a PITA due to bridge construction in the area), I found a BNSF freight making the turn to the North.

From the same spot, a UP Eastbound comes across the upper level of the Kansas River bridge and passes the KCS DPU of a westbound empty coal train. The bridge was double decked when the new Union Station was built up on the hill to prevent flooding.

Following up on some research, I got on the south end of Santa Fe Junction, behind the old roundhouse. It provided a little different view, and got me on the right side of the sun. The downside was that I missed a couple trains coming from Argentine and heading north. The road and bridge are public property until the gate at the far end of the bridge. This was a BNSF empty coal coming up from the South. Another mile or so south (behind the train) is the old Katy yard.

Here is a BNSF eastbound on the flyover with a UP coal train on the upper level.

Another shot from the south end, that gives a better view of the overall junction. It is easy to see why building the 3rd level was such a good idea. Before, the Santa Fe used to cross at grade on the bottom level. The uppermost level is primarily used by BNSF. The mid level is primarily used by UP. The lower level can see almost anything. On the lower level, the left (west) goes to Argentine. The right goes up and all 3 levels come together near Union Station. To the north is where all the coal trains head back to the Powder River as well as the connections to the various yards.

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