Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Goin' to Kansas City - Part 1

August 3rd - 6th found me sweltering in the Kansas City area. Although Railroading wasn't the primary focus of the trip, I managed to sneak out a couple hours on two days and get some in anyway.

On August 4th, my initial target was KCS/ICE Knoche Yard looking for some of the new KCS "Heritage" Locomotives, but I came up empty.

While I didn't find any new KCS locomotives, I did happen upon an ex-CNW Dash 9 on the back end of a loaded coal train sitting in Knoche Yard.

Taking the long way between Knoche Yard and UP's (ex-MP) Neff Yard (the bridge over the middle of the yard was closed) I caught a Kansas City Terminal Railway (KCT) transfer run heading into the west end of Knoche Yard.

Heading around to Neff Yard, I found an ex-DRGW Tunnel motor apparently on it's way to the razor blade factory.

With no other easy shots at Neff, I proceeded the back way to Sheffield Crossing & Flyover. As I was driving around trying to find a good spot to watch stuff, a UP Train lead by a Ferromex locomotive snuck up on me. While I didn't get any good shots off near Sheffield, he had a red signal trying to get onto the KCT which allowed me to get in front of him on the west end of the Sheffield Flyover.

At the west end of Sheffield, the two tracks from the flyover and the two tracks that come up from below shrink to three tracks for the run to Union Station.

As the Ferromex train clears, another UP Westbound comes up on other track and stops to wait.

While the UP Westbound waits, a BNSF stack train heads East over the flyover.

As the UP waits on, the BSNF eastbound stack train also grinds to a halt.

Finally, we learn why the UP train is waiting -- an Amtrak Eastbound appears. Once Amtrak clears, the UP Westbound is back on his way. Since this train went down the UP, I believe it to be one of the KC - St. Louis - Chicago trains.

As things clear out, the KCT locomotives spotted earlier headed into Knoche Yard return light, heading west

Another BNSF Eastbound Stack Train

Just as it's almost time to go, a westbound NS Stack train comes off the flyover and stops for a signal

Click here to go to part 2.

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