Wednesday, July 18, 2007

BNSF/UP Joint Line Palmer Lake, CO July 12, 2007

After my final day of meetings in Colorado Springs, and with an early next-day departure for home, I headed back to Palmer Lake for some evening observations. On the way north, I passed the Air Force Academy, which is just west of I-25.
Another patch-painted DRGW sign awaited me, as I set up in the midst of the curve just south of the junction.
Another look at the eclectic 'depot,' which was doing good business that night.
As the rains approached, the first loads of the evening did, as well. Loads slowed to walking speed as they passed, allowing gravity to handle the acceleration, with dynamic brake fans screaming.

They stopped just past me, and cut off one of the DPU helpers. A crew in a 4x4 was waiting to pilot it into the BNSF house track.
That having been accomplished, the loads went on their way south.

About 20 minutes later, another loaded train was next.

A bit of oxymoronic freight car art was in the manifest.

As the DPU engines rolled past at walking speed, the train came to a stop, and the trailing unit which they'd cut off approached.

After what must have been an interesting radio conversation, the loose unit backed north, coupling onto the engine the previous load had dropped, and both proceeded north, with the loads going south.

With dinner plans at another brewpub in the 'Springs, I left with the freshening rain about 20 minutes later. As I got to the south side of town, a northbound manifest surprised me.
I doubled back to the Junction one last time.

A good experience railfanning both days, and some good progress in the meetings that week, as well.

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