Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Another Twin Towns trip, June 6, 2007 (Part 2)

After 2 fruitful days of meetings with customers, and listening to presentations at the standards meetings, I left for home on the morning of the 6th. Earlier, in fact, than I'd originally planned, as the radar showed a heavy line of thundershowers approaching from the west, I started out about 8:00.
Little of note was heard or seen on the way east to my folks', where I intended to take a conference call and change the oil in the Magnum, save for hearing CN L517 (with CNGTW 5954) getting a track warrant at CF Yard to proceed west. On my way again after the oil change and lunch in Wausau, I topped off the fuel in Point (24.5 mpg) and checked what was by the roundhouse and yard at 16:12.

With rain catching to me again in Point, I headed east, seeing T408 at the Lake Emily detector (MP 237.3) with 606 axles (a large block of ballast cars from Mathy were on the head end), led by CN 9591 and other engines I didn't see enough of to identify. Neenah had its usual assortment of second- and third-generation CN four-axle power, and I headed south, seeing the tail half of T357 at Van Dyne, and the tail half of T411 at Shops North. CN 4000 was still by Shops South yard office, with a NS power set (un-IDed), and another switch set further north (likely the same pair I'd seen on the 3rd).

After getting supper at Culvers in Fond du Lac, I went down to Marsh siding to dine, and found a set of meets arranged at 19:12. First, in the siding, was a southbound, led by CNWC 6904-IC 6058.

The first northbound then showed at 19:20, NS interchange led by NS 9920-NS 6619.

This was followed soon after (19:30) by T331, led by CN 2622-CN 5783.

After which, the southbound departed, followed by myself.

I left the radio on until my fuel stop in Mount Pleasant (22.6 mpg), hearing (at 20:03) the UP 5168 (ZCHEM, the RoadRailer train) get a track warrant from Butler to Rock, meeting a UP 2989 east at Rock, and some chatter on the CP C&M Sub. Home about 22:30, a 1200-mile round-trip complete. Couldn't cool my heels for long, after another 2-day week in the cube farm, I was on my way again....

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