Friday, May 25, 2007

Weekend Excursion to Twin Towns (part 4)

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Ray: Sunday morning began with a visit to Minnesota Commercial's facilities to pay homage to some of the remaining ex-GBW Alcos.

Galen: At CP's Humboldt Yard, we found a few sets of road power laying over.

New Brighton was also quiet this morning. The only conversation piece to be found was the defaced WC herald. New Brighton was one of the first stations to show evidence of the CN takeover in the fall of '01.

Back on the Wisconsin side of things, we stopped to check up on the St. Croix river bridge. The walkway was apparently undergoing repairs. Sadly, the granite monument to one of the founding management team of the WC on the east end had been removed, with a graffiti-stained toolbox chained to the base it had been on.

Traveling east, we found no action on the Minneapolis Sub, but a red signal faced us at Owen, so hope was present. When we arrived at Spencer, the hotbox detector lit off, and we captured the UP's MPRIT haulage train just east of there. Leading the short manifest was a former SP SD45 rebuild.

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I'd much rather see a WC herald defaced than to have the WC herald disappear forever!

I find the "CN Hearald" looks quite nice actually. One has to wonder how long it will take CN to change this over to their boring sign.
The candycane nose on UP 2796 is rather eyecatching - would be great fun to shoot with a flash at dusk!
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