Friday, May 25, 2007

Weekend Excursion to Twin Towns (part 2)

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Ray: Picking up from where we were in the last post, we were heading up the on the Minnesota side of the river. We came across a mixed freight in the hole awaiting crew change. Before reaching the head end, a sulfur train (616) came east.

Upon reaching the head end of the mixed freight, we discovered the hodge podge of power, which Galen termed the "Dog's breakfast." In some respect, it was a glimpse into the history of this railroad, with several GP40 ex-Milwaukee Road units, an ex-Milwaukee MP15AC, a SOO GP38-2, and a CP SD40-2.

Further up the way, we came through Red Wing, MN. Where the depot is in good condition, serving as an art gallery. Several post-modern pieces of art were out front, having the appearance of some discarded piece of industrial ductwork, were clashing nicely with the architecture of the building. One could of only hoped that the truck with the oxyacetylene bottles in the pictures would soon cut them up and haul them away for recycling.

Galen: The other depot in Red Wing was formerly used by the Chicago Great Western, before a succession of fast food restaurants. When I first came through, in 1994, it was a Hardees, with the drive-through orders being filled in the operator's bay.

At Hastings, MN, all was quiet. A lone CP Rail GP38-2 sat quietly just south of the lift bridge. Despite the appearance of the bridge, the signmaker that the Milwaukee Road hire must have used a very good grade of paint, as the herald on the lift tower continues to appear to be in good health.

Nearby, in Prescott, WI the BNSF (ex-BN, nee-CBQ) lift bridge spans the mouth of the St. Croix River. With this weekend offering a glimpse of summer-like weather, the boating season appears to be in full swing here.

We headed into town next...

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