Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Trainfest 2006 - "We was big"

Well, another Trainfest has come and gone. This year, the OWL layout was HUGE. I think we were on the verge of being able to setup a half court of basketball inside. Considering the size that this group has become, the extra room inside proved to be greatly appreciated by all in the group who participated.

Along with the gargantuan size, land barges were apt to follow. Tim, from SOME ran a 95 car unit coal train, dubbed the "Oak Creek Strangler". It took up roughly half of the layout's outside main, or approximately 75' in real life. There were a couple minor bugs with it at first, but as they were ironed out, the train proved to be a conversation point for those young and old.

Tim and his long, WEPX unit coal train.

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