Sunday, August 06, 2006

MILW 261 6/24 (part 2)

I got right back on 90/94, got off to shoot at Kilbourn East, but the gates were dropping when I was pulling up to the crossing, so I stopped short of the photo line, flared the car, and grabbed one before wyeing and heading east...

...stopping first downtown, where they were unloading and loading passengers, and greasing...

...and gathering intel (yeah, it's got a Hemiā„¢))...

and finally stopping at Lewiston East. I had about 5 minutes (to water the grapevines and do some pruning) before he hammered through.

At this point, I figured my bag limit was full, given the encroaching cumulonimbus and cumulostratus, so I went east from Portage on 33, with thoughts of maybe turning south on 26 to go to Watertown (again bypassing the chase parade on 16), but I kept going east when I got that far, thinking that since it was the first 261 excursion to run on the advertised that I'd ever seen, they were likely to continue doing so, and I'd have no shot. Stopped in Beaver Dam, looked around in Horicon (no sign of UP 8522, which will become the CNW heritage unit to join the last two in original paint [both on ABEBE in Belvidere] in about four weeks), and caught a southbound CN at Allenton before turning south on 41.
When I got to MKE, I on a lark drove over to the east end of the depot, thinking that they'd be just about ready to head down to Sturtevant when I got there at 17:45. To my surprise, no sign, so I went west, and set up on the new Canal street overpass just west of Cut Off. At 18:15 the eastbound Builder rolled through (the same 4 hours off the advertised that it was when I'd checked at 13:00), and at 18:17 the 261 rolled by, destinating at the depot on track 1 at 18:27. Something stabbed them between Portage and Milwaukee, to the tune of a half-hour worth of schedule; probably not the Builder, since they likely weren't caught up until two-main-track at Pewaukee.

After a few obligatory stationary pictures on the curve, including a meet with a westbound...

...I decided to try a (first-time) shot on the Florida Avenue curves, so I drove down there. I climbed the embankment, and found a spot to shoot from. I realized within about two minutes, that since the 261 was still going to be on track 1 until Lake, it would be passing about 3 feet away from where I was set up. Not having a desire to get my legs steam-cleaned, I took one shot as it entered the curve about 19:00, and retreated down the bank.

At this point, I figured I was done. I headed over to Kopps for some reward on a good day (my first protein of the day), and headed down 76th street to CTH K, intending to fuel again at Kwik Trip on STH20 before hammering home. However, even after a leisurely meal at Kopps SW, I still was down to 20 by 20:00, so I headed over to Sturtevant to get a few more shots. He headed through northbound 2 minutes earlier than Friday, with a hair more sunlight, though shadows were across a good portion of the area.

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