Tuesday, June 27, 2006

261 sightings over the weekend

I was working Saturday morning in the yard at Portage, and didn't think to take the camera along when I left for work. I was hoping to get out soon enough to run home and get it before the WB trip, but no such luck. I was tying down the yard engines (a couple of SOO GP38-2's) when I heard the whistle for the crossings down by Portage Junction. I climbed up on top of the cab of the GP, and saw the top of the boiler go by a cut of boxcars sitting in the yard. Oh well...anyway, I went home, got the camera ready, and went back down to Lewiston East around 1500 and got the first picture.

Sunday, I was called for 883, Columbia coal empties, at 1215. I was up at my in-laws in Camp Douglas overnight, so I didn't catch the westbound trip (again). I had hoped to chase it back from New Lisbon that afternoon, but duty called. We went out to the plant with the power, and watched some interesting storm clouds roll just to the south of us.

Once we departed the plant, we went into Lewiston Siding for 261. I probably pissed off a few railfans at Lewiston when we went into the siding; there were a few cars pulled over along Hwy 16 waiting for a runby, but as soon as I pulled in, most of them took off. Oh well, you takes your chances...


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